Saturday, June 22, 2013

Compare and Contrast

I've been having a hard time getting things down on paper lately, been difficult to sort through it all.  It was so beautiful out last weekend that I had to move outside and paint.

My safari adventure has been on my mind.  Maybe because it is so different from what I'm experiencing now.  Every second of my time in Tanzania was magical. When I compare that to Michigan, it seems painfully ordinary.  It has been hard to find magic in everyday things.

So painting one of my Tanzanian memories in the sun was a kind of therapy, a way of sorting through it all.

A storm came through, as if some sort of symbolism or something.  Or maybe it was just Michigan weather, but I had to move inside.

I noticed my gazelle looked a lot like that goat in my sketchbook.  Whatever, I like that goat!

It turned out ok.  I enjoyed the process, and look forward to doing it again soon.  My take away form this........plan another adventure....soon!

Saturday, June 8, 2013


This was my space in Germany.  I loved it. 

This is my space in Michigan.  I nothing it.

Been struggling with being back in this space in Michigan.  I've been back now for about 6mos, everything has been unpacked for awhile now, just doesn't feel right.  The size of this world has been making me restless.  Nothing fits, or feels right.

It's the same table and tools that I've always had, but something is different.  Not an easy thing to get out on paper. Maybe it's my head and not the space.