Sunday, August 26, 2012


Starting the second in my ocean / autobahn series.

This was the first one - Birds, the Autobahn and the Ocean.  This was my attempt to paint sound that I hear from my table.  Birds = birds, autobahn = ocean, hornets = mopeds and lions = bikes.

I have never second guessed a composition so much in my life!  After pro-kraska-nating for most the day, I started to scribble in the big book of Kraska krap. I have these hornets in my head, but they're not making it to the paper just right........yet.

more krap......

This one kind of looks like an Imperial probe droid.....that's not a bad thing ;)

That intimidating piece of blank paper in the upper right will eventually be a painting.

I even did a little test run of the hornet.  Need to control those colors a bit better.  After posting this, I'm gonna dive into the real thing!  Otherwise I'll be second guessing this for days.

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